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I am really happy to introduce my line of hand-crafted Mala beads, as well as a couple of other items available for sale. The Mala beads are strands made up of 108 beads, a mid bead and a guru bead. The beads are high quality semi-precious stone, glass and ceramic. Each Mala has its own particular healing properties based on the bead combination. Below are descriptions of the designs currently available. I will also make Malas to order if you have something specific in mind.

All items are available for viewing and purchase in the studio. Likewise, feel free to email me if you are interested in making a purchase at

Mala beads – $95 incl. HST
Eye pillows – $10 incl. HST
Mint oil – $25 incl,. HST

Mala Beads

Calm Integrity

The serene oceanic colours appropriately reflect the calming energy of this Mala made with Amazonite, Howlite and Turquoise.

Courageous Heart

The natural forest tones in this Mala invite us to get grounded in nature. Green Jasper encourages self control in the face of obsessions or addictions.

Express Yourself - Sold out

The warm golden turquoise tones of this Mala evoke visions of a bright blue, sunny sky. Howlite is a calming stone that helps one to focus with patience on ambitions and knowledge seeking.

Get Grounded - Only 2 left

The striking fiery combination of black and red is tempered with blue agate, creating a powerful grounding combination. The red coral stimulates an energetic pursuit of our goals.

Look to the Horizon

The colours in this Mala represent the four elements earth, air, water and fire.

Logic of the Spirit

This beautiful blue Sodalite Mala supports our intuitive power, the energy released when logic and spirit intersect.

Midnight Love

The beauty of this Mala is found in its stabilizing, protective energy.

Peace Dreams

Beautiful Amethyst resonates strong energy to promote restful sleep and peaceful dreaming.

Ride the Wave

The cool colours of this Mala bring you to the ocean’s shore.

Speak Your Truth

This earthy, Turquoise accented Mala will speak to your inner artist.

Summer Love

The warm colours of this Mala recall the relaxed days of summer, when life feels lighter and more playful.

Winter Love

The winter days may be shorter, but the sun is cool and bright and optimistic.

Other items

Hagina Japanese Mint Oil

This is another favourite in the studio. A very high quality essential oil that encourages deep breathing and open airways. It soothes sore muscles, and can also be effective for headache relief. This is available for purchase in the studio only and not online.

Yoga Eye Pillows

A favourite for savasana in our classes! They are 8×3.5″, come with a removable pillow case for washing and feel like soft little sandbags but are filled with organic rice. They can be stored in the freezer for a particularly refreshing and calming experience.

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