Special Classes

New special up-coming classes at the lakefront studio

This is the time of yer when we all look to re-charge, start something new or simply continue with our good work. As well as my usual schedule of weekly classes over the next couple of months I will offering some extra special extra classes too.

Sunday, February 17 – I will be at the Hammonds Plains Community Centre, taking part in the ‘Women’s Health and Fitness Event’. A fantastic way for everyone to learn more about fitness, health and the opportunities that are open to us all. So why not stop by and see me and learn just how much yoga could benefit you. I look forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, March 5 – helping you invest in your health with my new ’30 Day shift’ A program that’s designed to you with help and guidance at every step.

Saturday, March 9 – my special ‘Yin Yoga class of creativity, vitality, and ease of self’ focussing on poses that encourage our bodies and minds to move through each day with grace and vitality.

Space for all my special classes goes quickly, so be sure to email me and let me know which class(es) you are interested in as soon as you can!

Simply click on a class banner to email me or find out more.

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