New class styles

Wherever you are this season, whatever you are doing and no matter how busy you are there is never a better time to get back to yoga. It’s also the ideal time to remind everyone of the different types of classes you can take part in. So why not make a start right now and see just how much yoga can benefit you!

Take a look at the schedule style

Most mindful Vinyasa
This is a regular flow class taken at a slower, more mindful pace. Even though we move steadily in this class, the intention is to tune in very closely to your breath and your body’s needs, ultimately creating a therapeutic experience.

Yin Yang
This class balances movement and flow with long held deep poses. The first half of the class is typified by sun salutations and standing poses. The second half is spent on the mat in a slow deep yin practice.

Power Hour
This class tends to be a faster paced flow that takes you to your edge, linking breath to movement. It is a great work-out as you will move, stretch, sweat and breathe at your edge. All levels are welcome to this class, as long as you are fired-up for the challenge.
(The Power-hour class is simply all this goodness squeezed into 60 minutes)

The 2018 schedule

Monday evenings
6 – 7pm – Power hour class (all levels)

Tuesday Mornings
9:30 – 10:45am – my regular Yin Yang class

6:30 – 7:30pm – Power hour class (all levels)

Friday Mornings
9:30 – 10:45am – my regular Vinyasa class

See my schedules page here for a complete class list.