Class Styles

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga – This is also referred to as “flow yoga.” In this class, poses are linked in a flow of continual movement, with particular focus on learning to connect breath with movement. This is an all levels class.

Most mindful Vinyasa – This is a regular flow class taken at a slower, more mindful pace .

Power-hour – This class tends to be a faster paced flow class that takes you to your edge.

Power Vinyasa Yoga – This class tends to be a faster paced flow that takes you to your edge, linking breath to movement. All levels are welcome to this class, as long as you are fired up for the challenge.

Restorative/Yin Yoga – This is a slow paced class, with a strong emphasis on long held floor poses. The aim is to find deep levels of stretch and relaxation, opening avenues of healthy energy the body.

Yin Yang  – This class balances movement and flow with long held deep poses.

Yoga for runners and active bodies – This class addresses the specific concerns that arise for runners. HOWEVER, even though the content of the class is particularly useful to a runner’s needs, it is a great class for bodies who are very active or who are launching into more aerobic activity.

Private/Semi-private yoga – These classes are catered very specifically to an individual’s needs and goals, from beginner yogis to those with a more advanced practice. Whether you are after a one-time experience or something long term/goal oriented, we work together to co-create your best experience.