Yoga with Cameron

I have been teaching yoga since 2006 at various studios in Halifax, this includes GoodLife, Halifax Yoga, Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio as well as for the HRSB and private athletic organizations. In addition, I now offer classes at my private lakefront studio in Hubley. I bring my heart, passion and professionalism to all of my classes. My focus as a teacher is to give my students support, personal attention and plenty of hands on assisting.

One of the perks of my private studio is that the classes are small, limited to a specific number of students at any one time. This means you get one-on-one personal instruction and support when you need it most. I enjoy keeping the class light hearted and relaxed, especially in the face of challenging poses…and a peaceful environment with a welcoming atmosphere is just the start.

I pride myself on working around the needs and wants of my students, that’s why as much as possible I will tailor each and every class to those that are attending. This way it enables me to help everyone as much as possible.