Having fun with illustrations

I find that drawing illustrations is a playful love of mine, as with any artwork I create, the illustrations are inspired by life around me. As a child I continually cartooned and created fun, personalized greeting cards for anyone who asked. Illustrations are always a welcome diversion from life’s routine, they a complete joy and I can play at being a kid again through my work.

If you have an illustration in mind that you would like, or know someone who would love a personalized illustration as a gift, please feel free to contact me with your idea and it can be of anything you like that’s one of the fun things about illustrations!

The Fox

Being asked recently to create some fun playful illustrations for the Fox Hollow Child Care Centre mascot was a real treat, brining a fun fox character to life doing things that the children would do was a way to have some fun with the character, whilst making him engaging both for parents and teachers too.

Girls Soccer team

I have also created personalized gifts for a girl’s soccer team.

Poppy the rabbit

For my daughter I loved working on illustrations that brought her favourite childhood toy to life.