Born in 1968, raised in idyllic, yet ambitious Greenwich, CT, my artistic path was fed by inspirational teachers, exposure to the awesome museums and galleries in New York City and personal passion. My formal education includes a BA in Art History from Princeton University, Art Education from McGill University and a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. I have received numerous rewards and scholarships which evidenced my passion and hard work. Just a few of these include The Robert Pope Foundation scholarship (1996), short list for Prince Edward Award (1996) and the NSCAD Endowment Fund scholarship (1997). Much of my focus after graduating was on abstracted figurative painting, gaining much inspiration from the Abstract Expressionists and Color Field painters. At this time, I was actively exhibiting my work in galleries in both the U.S. and Canada.

In 2000, I performed a painting on stage with musical artist Veda Hille. This proved to be a memorable means of bringing the process of painting to life outside of the studio. Between 2003 and 2007 I volunteered hundreds of hours of work painting specialty murals in the Kid’s Help Phone Designer Showcase House. In addition, in both 2005 and 2006 I created the set design for Simply the Breast, a Canadian Breast Cancer fundraiser.

In more recent years, my practice has taken on a more client based approach. Portraiture of both people and pets has evolved into an exciting and challenging artistic practice. Balancing the needs of clients with continued artistic and creative growth, is what keeps the paintings vital and free.

I approach both my work and my life with the truth “Be present, trust what’s happening and be willing to let go.” I try to balance my artwork with a personal yoga practice, teaching yoga, and loving and living fully the family life! Life is always interesting with two inspiring teenagers, multiple pets, and a fiancé with a “can do anything” attitude!

Artist Statement

One of my most influential art instructors said, “Show up everyday in front of the canvas and do the work. Much of the time it will be throw away material. But every so often, the gems show up. Inspiration doesn’t strike like lightening, it emerges from the daily practice of making art.”

Different people, different periods in my life and different words, but these messages ring the same truth: BE PRESENT, TRUST WHAT’S HAPPENING, BE WILLING TO LET GO.

In my art practice, the only way to make worthy paintings happen is to be faithful to this truth. Over the years, my practice has shifted from abstract to figurative, to performance, to having exhibitions, to having a commission base business. At times it was all consuming and at other times my art practice would sit on the sidelines and wait patiently for me to get back in the game; a goat path for sure. I LOVE making art. I TRUST making art. I love being able to LET a painting GO out into the world for others to enjoy. Whether the painting is a personal pursuit where I like to push the edges of my technical skills and creativity, or whether it’s a commission work governed a bit more by the needs and desires of a client, it is always a fascinating and engaging process. I try always to choose the goat path, for this ultimately results in fresh creative works. In portraiture, I look for the real spirit and personality of the subject to emerge. Then the brushstrokes and colors simply start happening as long as I can “get out of the way!”

Ultimately, it is a real privilege as an artist to create works of art that people embrace into their homes and lives.